First、Channel support

Provides products specification, high resolution pictures, promotion supports, price support, exhibition supports etc. service,providing a variety of business support for dealers, including props to support repair support and return to support, and later the image upgrade and so on, encourage dealers to keep pace with the times, innovation brand, eventually to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Second、Brand support

Have strong planning team, timely and effective marketing promotion activities, provide an important guarantee and sustained force to promote the rapid turnover, improve the terminal stores and shops operating performance. The introduction of OTPS legend, international well-known exhibitions such as IFSEC, Trustech (CARTES), INERSEC etc of carding and remodeling of the brand. And also new media and traditional media, the line, the realization of coupling interaction, the maximum strength of brand promotion.

Third、Price support

Strict and perfect the price system, guarantee the brand of sustainable success. The national unified retail prices are rigid index of brand has been the company in accordance with the unified, transparent, open, the principle, establish the unified terminal market retail price system, continue to maintain brand value, guarantee business partner and customer equity, standardize the market order. 

Fifth、Training support

Human resource is the first positive energy enterprise development, is the concrete manifestation of the core competitiveness. Attach great importance to the various positions of the employees training. Cooperation with OTPS international brand management consulting agencies, to provide marketing management training, brand planning, marketing strategy planning, introducing advanced management mode, establish a scientific training base, according to the new shop manager, dealers, shopping guide long-term professional, systematic, standardized training.

Sixth、Promotion support
Offer special price support and market support if our agent plan to attend any related exhibition.

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